Thinking Back on Montel

Updated: Jan 22

I cannot believe how long it has been since I was on the stage about to discover I have sisters on national television! I was such a baby in this video!

Since this video I have probably only seen my biological mother I handful of times, a handfull is actually being very generous. My oldest sister has strayed off once again, I do not believe anybody knows her current whereabouts. That has been her status for the past few years. However, I do keep in contact with my younger sister. She has two beautiful sons and I am now the proud and with little frames on her bookshelf.

As I heard myself say how proud I was to know my nationality on this show, it makes me remember how much I did not know about myself at the time. I later went on to do onen of those DNA history background searches. Few weeks after submitting I discoverd that my entire genetic makeup has been based on poorly written, poorly documented biological history. Just goes to show as an adoptee you never stop learning about yourself. Thanks to the advances in medicine I also did the DNA test for diseases and other biologically passed down health information. Now instead of "N/A" I can finally answer a few more questions on health and background questionnaires.

Every time I check my YouTube page it always amazes me how many views this video gets. By far and with no other clear competition insight this is my most viewed video exclamation point over 300,000 views. It makes me wonder why it's cute so much. Is it because it's a rare event or because it was on a daytime talk show? Or maybe it's because I was on to go no deal. Either way it makes me feel fortunate for the roller coaster of a life that I have had.

Find out what it's like to search for your biological family!

This is another blast from the past! I thought after watching the Montel clip you might be a little curious about the experience of searching for your biological family. The name of the project I am working on has changed, so pay no attention to the opening slide… You know me, always changing and improving things!

#Adoption #AdoptionHistory

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