Quarantine Adventures

This Covid-19 Quarantine has really got people thinking about how we have been living, spending and interacting with our friends and family.

I Couldn't Take It Anymore

By the time I left for the drive, Los Angeles had already been in quarantine for about two months. Being the creative person that I am, I was in desperate need of new surroundings. My eyes have become completely bored with the day-to-day of around the house.

Pushing My Limits

Living tiny has always been a fantasy of mine. If there was a documentary about it, I've watched it. If there is a YouTube channel where I can learn how to adjust to a minimalist lifestyle, I was all over it! It took a few weeks of preparation and research, I wanted to make sure I would be comfortable. After all, if you're not comfortable - You're not having fun.

The research was key! I looked up safety, packing and food tips and tricks. One night I even did an overnight test in the driveway. Thank God I did, there were plenty more adjustments to be made before I left.

I was hesitant about coming on this trip. The week proceeding, I broke two plates, two glasses, and one bowl. I looked it up online and the results were 50-50. Half of the searches said it was bad luck and the other half said it was good luck. At the end of the day, I wanted to go camping!

I took my first bath in the river and I did a lot of talking to God. I don’t know if God is nature, God is God or spirit… Whatever - God is-God is out here in nature. And oddly enough, this trip gave me a new fondness for bats... Don't ask...

The nights come with strong winds that gently rock your car to sleep and I found it interesting that waterfalls can make as much sounds as freeways at night. I suppose you just have to pick which one you want to fall asleep too.

I had two collapsible buckets. One for doing dishes and cleaning after meals, the other for washing my face and hands at stops. When one of them broke I was extremely disappointed. Then I realized how quickly I can replace a collapsible bucket with one of my cooking pots. Problem solved; we truly do not need as much as we think we do.

The Growth

I’m insanely proud of myself and amazed at how strong I am. For everything you forgot to bring you end up becoming even more creative, fashioning blankets in the curtains using utility hooks and such. It's not just being crafty, it’s a real sense of self-reliance. Especially as a woman.

Women sometimes say things like, "Of course I can do it end I’ve had a baby!", or something like, "Do you know what this body can do? I’ve pushed out three kids!"

For me, I think that moment came when I started my first fire by hand. It came to me when I was able to cook amazing meals on iron cast skillet pans, over wood that I had cut with an ax and burned.

Now anytime somebody asks me if I can do something they think is hard, I can easily say,

“Of course I can! Do you know what these hands can do? I’ve built a fire with these hands!”

The Gear

Like I said earlier, research is key! I got a lot of questions on Instagram about the things I was using on my trip. I must say out of all of the products purchased, hands down, my two favorites were the Solo Stove and the solar panels.

The stove made cooking with fire really easy and convenient. Everything I use is battery free so the I would just put the solar panels on my dashboard as I drove, charging whatever I needed.

The sleeping bag, cast iron skillets, and other tactical gear I already owned. To see what I decided to purchase in addition to all I already had click the links at the bottom of this page.

Adding the motion detectors to the side of the car gave me peace at night. Those are also solar-powered and easily removable so they can be used as lights as you look for something in your tent. Just remember to grab them before you take off!

The Prep

Food was made as simply as possible. Everything was sliced and diced before leaving home. Meal prep containers made it easy. For breakfast, two eggs still in shell would sit on a bed of spinach and mushrooms, the divider made it easy to store the omelets shredded cheese on the other side. Same thing for dinners and lunches. Stowaway your favorite diced veggies and on the other side some rice then pick your protein. Toss it all in the cast iron skillet and cook away!

• A washable/reusable grocery bag was used to bring and store kindle and small wood for my first fire. I didn't want to arrive anywhere in the dark and have to stumble around looking for wood. Before leaving the camp site I'd grab the bag and gather some more before I left to the next location.

(There's so much I could add, I really don't know where to start! YouTube Video coming soon)

The Lesson

We waste time. Camping gets you up early and simple things like breakfast and dinner need to be scheduled out before it gets too dark. When we're home we just throw our pants on the floor, we'll do it later. You can't do that on the road. If you were on the road you wouldn't have streaming shows and television. So, what would you be doing? Living.

Let's do more of that. Time is to be used to live. Now that I'm home I'll be using it to get ready to live, like REALLY live.


If you have any other questions about this trip feel free to reach out! I'd love to hear from you and inspire you to go on a road trip of your own. This was nothing but refreshing and fed my soul exactly what it needed!

The Water Tank

Most of the questions I received worry about the water tank on top of my car. Here is a link to the video that helped me guide my build. I love it because it’s totally customizable since there are so many parts that come in 4 inch PVC pipe. My only recommendation is think about everything else you’re going to put on top of your roof before you start cutting in building. I ended up changing my tank twice! So like they say, measure twice cut once!


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