The Real About Paper Free

What it took and how it’s going.


It's taking quite some time, and a lot of adjustments but I am finally at a place where I feel good about all of the environmental changes I have made.

(Watch this 13 minute video to see these products and what I have to say)

It all started when I decided to use my iPad instead of paper notebooks whenever I needed to jot something down or take a note. The many scraps of paper on my desk finally wore me out and down! I just wanted one place where everything was and I decided for that place to be my iPad. That small change alone triggered an avalanche.

I still carry pens. Going through the airport as often as I have especially with all of the Covid questionnaires, you have to have one. But from now on, it's goodbye to spiral notebooks and pads!

The travel silverware trade is harder. Take out places are so used to putting the plastic utensils in the bag so you have to tell the, “No utensils” as you’re ordering, and a reminder at the window doesn't hurt. Other than that, they've come in handy unexpectedly a few times so it was an overall good buy.

Dryer balls are real and they work! Monetarily, you’re not saving any money BUT you are

getting rid of tons is unnecessary chemicals from your dryer sheets. Not to mention these biodegrade versus the packaging and materials it take to make dryer sheets. Of course I made the detergent change quite some time ago and I strongly suggest you do as well. Less chemicals please! FYI - You can scent these with essential oils!

The one thing left I want to try are these laundry detergent sheets. No more big plastic containers! Feminine products are on the list too, but... that’s a scary one for me! I'll take any suggestions in that department if you have my dear female readers.

It takes almost twenty years for those fluffy plastic body scrub things to biodegrade! I’ll give you a moment to process that... Instead I now use these bar soap pouches made of natural material that biodegrade in months. You get way more out of your soap bars too! Mine usually last me three bars before I replace it. I order them in bulk which helps me feel better about the plastic bag it comes in.


It was mentioned a few times in the video, but just a recap… The items used to replace things like toilet paper and paper towels always get better as you use them! The more you wash them the more absorbable they become. The paper towels I truly love and can't imagine going back to disposable ones.

And a funny note about the toilet paper: Now when I go places and there is toilet paper, it's like this luxurious thing! Ah, but no bidet! In the video you'll see the bidet spout hanging randomly from the toilet paper roll thing BUT know that it does come with two attachments. One is for the wall, and the other is to hang from the side of the tank (that didn't work for me). They were also nice enough to include plumbers tape and extra washers.

(Above is the reusable toilet paper I purchased, it also comes in off white but the colors and patterns really do help hide marks and stains)

If you have been curious about reusable cotton rounds, I say go for it! Usually they come in a little bag that you can use to wash them in. Half of mine came in white and the other half came in black. The black ones I use for nail polish remover. You heard that right, nail polish remover! It totally doesn't damage them and it doesn't damage the rest of the belongings when it's shared in the wash.

I think we often forget that these paper and cotton products all come with a ton of chemical treatments and packaging. So when you are replacing these items, you are doing a lot more than just saving trees. You are reducing chemicals from your household and the planet!

Everything else, until I find replacements, will be products in glass packaging or other packaging that can be reused or up-cycled.

If you want to see everything else that I have purchased in order to make this transition click here! And if there's something you think I should try or have a question, comment below!

(Click the image above to see the entire list of eco and zero waste goods)

As usual, thanks for taking the time and let me know what changes you've thought about making and what's holding you back. Talk to you soon!