The Upper Left Side

That's what they call it.

A General Update

If I'm going to be stuck in the house I might as well be stuck somewhere with a view, Seattle. After bouncing around the San Francisco Bay area and being indecisive about returning to Los Angeles I decided to switch it all up.

We all say it and will probably continue to say it, this pandemic really changed things for me. For all of us! As a Scorpio we tend to isolate to heal, that's exactly what I'm doing just a very extreme form. It's giving me the time I need to re-organize my priorities until I have a foundation that I don't think was quite there before.

(Left to Right: the troll underneath the bridge on Fremont Street, a beautiful day in Seattle, and a bridge I couldn't resist while on a long walk)

It's been 2 1/2 months and I'm finally learning the roads without assistance from good ol' Siri. I've even managed to become a familiar face behind the mask at some of my favorite local shopping spots and eateries. Recently, I even managed to make a few friends who invited me out for St. Patrick's Day at Kells Irish Pub in Post Alley.

(The line to get into Kells on St. Patty's Day)

Lucius is having a harder time adjusting than I am. He doesn't like pooping on the concrete, and overall doesn't seem to enjoy the city unless being carried in my arms. We do go on long walks and I let him off leash by the pier where he does his crazy dog run. If he would choose, he go back to California for sure!

After gearing up for this rainy weather I don't mind the rain. It's a lot like New York here in the sense that I pretty much walk everywhere I need to go. Within just a few blocks I can buy groceries or go to Sephora. If Seattle is on your list of places to visit for an extended period of time I strongly suggest getting a real raincoat. Since you walk everywhere you also need a proper backpack, my brown leather one would never have made it through the rain here.

The Market

From here on out, no matter where I go, I will have to live next to a market! That being said, there's no compromising. Having access to a restaurant quality produce and meats has seriously changed my eating game. I'm currently cutting back on my bread intake, three Demi baguettes a week is a bit much, but very worth it!

Years ago when I was on the TV show I truly enjoy cooking. Over the years, things changed and I lost a lot of that joy. Being here has really sparked that interest in me again. I look forward to cooking and going to the market for dinner. My professional chef friends have all enjoyed our conversations as I stumble my way through new recipes and new techniques. It really has been amazing. I should have weighed myself when I first got here.

Lucius also enjoys the market, except for on the weekends when it is too busy. I'm sure you can imagine how good it must smell and all the tiny scraps that he finds along the way. He is now affectionately known as the dog in a little red jacket.

(I have mastered this dish, restaurant worthy! Roasted tomatoes with baked feta.)

Favorite Eats

Besides cooking at home of course I have ventured out into the city finding some delicious eats! If you ever find yourself here I strongly recommend checking out the following places:

Biscuit Bitch

Not only is their southern inspired breakfast dishes bonkers, but when your food is ready they yell out your name and say, "Come get your food bitch!" During the weekends, the wait is really long! And I mean long, an hour and a half. Everything is order-by-phone so it would be wise if you want to eat there, to order your food as soon as you get up, then walk over. Order the Hot Mess, thank me later.

(Above: The Hot Mess. This is a homemade biscuit topped with breakfast gravy, grits, and fried egg. Topped with a hot link and then sprinkled with jalapeños)

Toulouse Petit Kitchen

This place has some of the most traditional Creole food I've ever had! I don't know where to even start! The fried chicken, their in-house made andouille sausage, the cheese grits… Just go for it!

(Fried Chicken Gumbo w/ Creole Rice)


So far this place has the best sushi in Seattle. There's one more place that I am interested in going to but they don't allow dogs… And he goes everywhere with me so that's that. Everything at Japonessa tasted extremely fresh and the service was good as well. They have a very impressive sake list and some yummy cocktails too.

The Whiskey Bar

This place has a pretty decent burger and some yummy tater tot's, not to mention the pretty impressive wall of bourbon and whiskey. Also, super dog friendly.

Bainbridge Island & The Ferry

If you have time definitely take the ferry over to Bainbridge Island. Heads up! This is an all day trip! Get to the ferry early. We tried leaving at 11 and ended up waiting for two hours to board. It's about a 30 to 45 minute ride over to the island. If it wasn't for the pandemic we would have been able to have beer and snacks on board. However, everything was closed but it was OK since that Island has tons of yummy restaurants.

You can also take your car onto the ferry, and I have to admit I was taking out over the whole experience. Too much fun! But it's great if you do a lot of shopping because then you have a place to put it while you enjoy your beer, drinks and good food! Don't know where you are from, but Bainbridge feels a lot like Larchmont, Los Gatos, and some of those tiny peers in Connecticut.

It Snows In Seattle?

Every February it snows in Seattle for just a few days. A few days is all anybody really needs if you ask me. It was amazing waking up to snow, I almost didn't want to go to sleep because I want to watch it happen, the piling up of all the snow. Everybody was out taking pictures. The streets were empty since Seattle is built on a series of Hills, the snow is no time to drive. Thankfully, if you live in the downtown area, they plow those streets first.

Of course I had to run out with my camera and capture the moment. It was my first time really living anywhere that had snow. I also learned that everyone here knows you're from California, because only in California do you say, "We went to the snow".

Some people even broke out their sleds and snowboards on a few of the major streets that were super hilly. I have to get me some snow gear!

The good thing about the snow is once you have experienced that kind of cold, the day-to-day cold of Seattle is no longer an issue. If there's one thing I have learned is to just remind yourself, when you are really cold you are very alive. If you were not alive… You wouldn't be cold.

The Seattle Freeze

Yes, I was just talking about snow but the Seattle freeze has nothing to do with the weather. While getting acquainted with my new dermatologist he pointed out that I was very outgoing and friendly, he followed that up by asking me how I'm doing here in Seattle? When I asked him what he meant he brought up this Seattle freeze that I had never heard of.

Basically, everyone here avoids any kind of human interaction. Keep your eyes to the ground, don't make eye contact with anyone, don't say hello to people you don't know. Everybody here pretty much keeps to themselves. If you attempt to start a conversation with somebody on the street they will wrap it up as quickly as possible. Don't believe me? There's a whole wikipedia page on it. It kind of sucks to tell you the truth…

So a major shout out to the girls at concierge because I am the new tenant that talks their ears off and forces my friendship upon them. However, I do make it up to them with brownies.

Missing The Runway

The one good thing about moving around so much is that you really get an idea of how you like to live. Surprisingly, one thing I have been missing is fashion. I know that I moved the capital of grunge and that it's cold, wet and raining most of the time. But people in New York and Paris find a way to walk the streets with swag. When I look out of my window most of the time all I see are black parkas.

In Los Angeles and in The Bay Area people have a flavor to them. I know it's a pandemic and nobody's getting dressed up to go anywhere, but still. It would be great to see some high-heeled boots and a little effort once in a while.

Other than that I am missing my friends in San Jose and a few more friends in Southern California. Leaving really taught me a lot. The Bay Area is very out of sight out of mind which makes me grateful for those who have reached out since I've left.

Word On The Street Is Summer

Everyone I meet says I need to make friends with somebody who owns either a yacht or a boat. That is what you need to be doing in the summertime here in the upper left coast. All the locals say spring and summer are amazing because Seattle turns into the Swiss Alps.

A beer and sunshine on a boat, count me in! I can't imagine the trees with leaves on them. They've been bare since I've been here. I hope they keep the Christmas lights on them because it really warms up the empty covid streets at night.

Where To Next?

I do like it here, but I don't see myself staying here. If you go back to the food recommendations you will see an obvious hint. I am craving good food, missing colors, fashion and nice people and the only solution for that is New Orleans.

Nothing is set in stone but that's my vision for now. As we have all learned, a lot can change in a short period of time and all I have this time so… I do have some opportunities that would take me in an opposite direction so the door is still open. But doesn't New Orleans sound good?

I think that's all for now. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog. I truly appreciate it.

Until Next Time!