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Reusable Beeswax Wraps

Super eco-friendly food savers

Let the warmth of your hands mold these wraps to your favorite bowls and snacks. 

Using these reusable wraps helps to remove more than 600 plastic sandwich bags a year!


Foil never biodegrades. It stays here forever. Those plastic foofy body scrubbers, 20 years in a landfill. Dental floss takes ten years of tangling and trapping animals before it dissolves. Let's be smarter.

-Tameka J.



8 Piece Set Includes Chopsticks & Case

At the end of the day you just never know when you'll need utensils.

These are great to take with you on the road or for travel. If these arent' in my carry-on they're stored in the dash of my car.

These have saved my life plenty of times while also helping to keep more plastic out of landfills.