Tameka Jacobs uses travel, creativity, and her camera to inspire and share.  From a tiny house on a farm to the Four Seasons, she lives a full life.

In front of the lens, Tameka has been featured in music videos with 50 Cent, The Rolling Stones, Ludacris, and more.  She's worked alongside television hosts like Jay Leno, Howie Mandel, and Kelly Rippa. Her comedic skills were flaunted in an episode of Will Farrells 'Funny or Die'. 

As an accomplished photographer, Tameka's work has graced the pages of Forbes, Men's Health, The Huffington Post, and People Magazine, to name a few. Her captures include legends like Gloria Estefan, Matt Barnes, Ziggy Marley, and the list continues. As a former foster youth and adoptee, she's used her voice to raise over half a million dollars in fundraising. 

Her unique set of skills in front of and behind the camera has turned her into a creative media specialist. Currently, she is a full-time freelance photographer for 2 of California's largest media companies. 

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